by Marcus Burch

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released December 13, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Marcus Burch, produced by Marcus Burch and Zach Hayes
Mixed by Zach Hayes
Art by Jimbeaux Corners



all rights reserved


Urgency! Records Ithaca, New York

Indie label from the heart of New York, doing production and promo for new artists across the northeast.
Punk, metal and singer-songwriters are our favorites.

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Track Name: autumn's lacerations
I can see. I can see the fire.
I recall, think back to autumn’s lacerations.

For when the moon, rests its eyes, a weary sigh.
Blood will drip from your palm.
Breathe out, breathe in, your fog from all of him.
In the moon’s, essence.

Go believe, in a religion we’ve stepped upon.
I believe, papyrus lies from underneath.

For when your heart’s, thick as your rosary.
Dark will melt your within.
Hold the moon, when you speak to me.
Or I will go with the wind.

For when the moon, starts to set. We must bathe in its excellence.
Peasant tree, why won’t you speak to me.
The waxy green, cannot bleed, from the trees.
For today, it must freeze.
Track Name: chico
Did you want me to, leave you?
In the autumn rain I will disappear under the rubbish that is beneath the leaves.

Hide your land, dearest businessman.
Take your keys, blinded in glory.

I'm tired of cleaning your whiskey bottles.
And she's the only one who spins my head, when eye to eye.

Write me a letter, whenever I'm on your mind.
Sincerely September
Present every letter in your name.
Dearest, numb the pain.
Track Name: dried asylum
I am a man, I am a man of the sea.
I am a man, I am a man from what you can see.

When the grass is dried, we will fly.
When the shores do clash, you'll suffice.

For I am young, for you.
Oh I am young, and blue.

The deer will hide.
Money is not time
The fire is divine, for the mind.

In this prison cell's where we hide.
In penitentiary is where we lie.

The guards latch onto me I'm a mime.
The world is not helping me, I am blind

For I am young, for you.
Oh I am young, and blue.

My life, is mine.
You're wasting so much time.
Your eyes seek the light, I'm now blind.

Oh I am young, for you.
Oh I am young, and blue.

The night will rest.
Love is just a test
Behold my happiness, at it's best.